Welcome to Fred Yates Gallery

Welcome to the updated and revised Fred Yates Gallery. Check here for information and photos relating to the colourful world of Fred Yates. Please browse the pages in the top menu to select chapters in the Fred Yates story. There are endless interesting stories to be told about this under-appreciated yet magical peoples artist. You can visit our sponsors Orangehat Contemporary to view or buy rare original Fred Yates paintings, limited edition signed prints, books or catalogues.

Please check back regularly for updates and revisions. Do get in touch if you have a Fred Yates related story or photos that may be of interest.

All content and photographs © FredYatesGallery 2000 – 2016 (painted images © artists estate)
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8 Responses to Welcome to Fred Yates Gallery

  1. Kerry S says:

    Hi out of the blue yonder comes this Dutch Australian girl. Fred has been one of my closest dearest friends and am still recovering from the shock of his passing. I was supposed to spend more wonderful time with him. I met Fred after buying a painting purchased at a polperro gallery whilst on an overseas campervan holiday. Decided it would be nice to meet the artist and next day myself two friends rocked up to his quaint cottage in fowey. I fell instantly in love with Fred when he opened the front door. I have loved him ever since.

  2. David Cutler says:

    Something similar happened to me in Plymouth a long time ago. I went down to the Barbican to see a Fred Yates exhibition (I already owned a large canvas of the Barbican in which Fred painted himself sitting in his Morris Minor in one corner). But the exhibition had just closed. However, I happened to see a man carrying paintings to his car–it was Fred. I chatted with him for a few minutes, then I asked to see a couple of the paintings he was bringing back from the exhibition. I bought two at what were giveaway prices–one of a beach scene at Polperro, and the other a rather odd street scene in what I think is Bradford. I still own the three paintings.
    David Cutler
    Washington DC

  3. gordon says:

    i got a painting by fred yates big from the 60 s 70 s

  4. Betsy Kershaw says:

    Has anyone seen or heard of a painting of Fred Yates titled Amsterdames?

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