Fred Yates Fakes on Ebay

Please be aware that over the last 2 – 3 years there have been hundreds of terrible quality Fred Yates copies being sold on Ebay. Some of these are based on known genuine originals, while others bare little resemblance to a genuine Fred Yates painting. These worthless works are known as trappers. Often they are sold as in the manner of the artist, sometimes the vendors pretend to have a provenance. Make no mistake the vendors know that these paintings are NOT genuine works painted by Fred Yates. They are hoping that someone with little knowledge of the artist will take a chance that they have found a bargain. Ebay has little interest in whether a painting is genuine or not. DON’T WASTE YOUR HARD – EARNED MONEY.

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2 Responses to Fred Yates Fakes on Ebay

  1. Nick Gardner says:

    I am about to by a London Street scene off ebay claimed to be a Fred Yates original that was in a Bonhams auction in 2008, would this be right? Thank you so much.

    • Always a good idea to get the work appraised. As mentioned in an earlier post, there is a large quantity of Fred Yates fakes being sold through Ebay. £25 well spent could save you hundreds if buying the wrong thing.

      For an appraisal contact enquiries


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