Fred Yates Marazion Castle House original oil on canvas

Whilst based in Marazion Fred Yates lived at Hazel Cottage on Fore St. This archetypal little cottage was ideally placed just a stones throw from the glorious sea front and harbour with the spectacular St Michaels Mount completing the idyllic picture. The old harbour known as Top Tieb is used by the boats that ferry visitors to and from the Mount at high tide.

Fred Yates painted the sea front, St Michaels Mount and harbour from all angles at all different times. The painting below is a lovely colourful spontaneously painted view of the iconic Castle House which looks out to St Michaels Mount and the Top Tieb. Gifted to friends living in St Ives at the time this oil on canvas is a typical work from the period and is full of the colour and texture that have so captivated collectors of Fred Yates work.


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