Fred Yates Portrait Sketches from 1997


FYG was recently contacted by Mozaffar Qizilbash who told us that he was lucky enough to meet Fred Yates painting at St Ives, Cornwall back in 1997. Fred was painting ‘En Plein Air’ overlooking the sweep of the bay above Porthminster beach.

The pair met again later that day and shared a lunch at the Porthminster Beach Café where they chatted about all things Art and Mozaffar undertook two portrait sketches of Fred in profile.

Images copyright Mozaffar Qizilbash

Mozaffar recalls:

“The memory I find most amusing looking back was that Fred hid his tubes of paint in the bushes to mark the spot where he had been painting so that when he went back to the spot he would be able to work out where he had been working and also retrieve the tubes. He was a remarkable man and I will be looking into his life and work to find out more about him”

Thank you Mozaffar for contacting FYG and sharing your story.

If you have a story to share regarding Fred Yates do get in touch.


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