View from My Balcony La Motte

Fred Yates was very prolific in his last years at La Motte Chalancon. His house at the end of Grande Rue had a garden with a fantastic outlook to the mountains. It was a scene that Fred would paint on numerous occasions and in several different ways.

The rear of the house also had a balcony and “View From My Balcony La Motte” is a glorious depiction of the fantastic sight that Fred would have enjoyed. The painting is a 12″ x 12″ oil on linen featuring typical strong colours and thick impasto work. Fred was a master at handling large quantities of paint with freedom and control.

For further information on Fred Yates’ time in La Motte Chalancon visit the La Motte page from the menu or click here La Motte

Please do also see the FYG menu for pages on Fred Yates’ time in St Just, Marazion and Lostwithiel. There will be more about Fred’s time in France to follow and also Fowey where Fred spent many years when he first escaped teaching for his new life as an artist.



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