Avalon Art

Fred’s local gallery was Avalon Art situated just a short walk down
the lane from Hazel Cottage. Avalon Art is a small unassuming
treasure trove on Marazion’s West End run by Fred’s favourite
dealer Sally Scott….

west end marazion

West End Marazion


avalon art gallery

Avalon Art Gallery depicted in the mid 90’s







Fred was so fond of Sally that he painted her portrait and also immortalised her
in the painting “them Monteycarleans arnt arf posh but I’d swap the lot for our
Sall and Blackie”….

Sally Scott in them MontyCarleans (detail)

Sally Scott in Them Montycarleans (Detail)



Avalon was a great outlet for Fred to sell his paintings and tourists loved the local flavour of his bright and joyous views. Fred in turn loved to paint for the man in the street and became more liberal with his paint, filling his canvases with the colourful characters he saw parading through the town.


fred like characters

Typical Fred Yates characters in Marazion

Fred loved to include as many colourful
characters as possible in his paintings.
Opposite is a pair of typical Fred Yates
characters seen sitting in Marazion old



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