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  1. lorna mcbride says:

    have 2 letters fr ed wrote many years ago to me thanking me for my kindness to him when he was painting castles in south wales.The day he first called he .told us that he had to sell his shoes to buy food so that he could carry on at Cardiff castle He visited us often..he was such a nice man Both my dear husband who sadly died recently and I enjoyed his visits so much It was recently, during the last few years that I found the letters and thought you might be interested Any comment from you would be appreciated..Lorna McBride who at that time lived in a village outside Cardiff called Taffswell..Thank you in anticipation

    • It was great to hear your anecdotes about Fred and his paintings in Wales Lorna. Thank You so much for the letter and cuttings which I will add to FYG at some point in the near future.
      I hope you really enjoy the book.

  2. charlotte566di says:

    Hi I have a original Fred Yeats painting called Dublin dream, I was wondering if you could tell me more about the painting and how much it would be worth it is been well looked after,

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