Final Journey

Fred Yates passed away on Monday 7th July 2008 and made his final journey
returning to Marazion. Fred was buried in Marazion Cemetary on Thursday 24th
July following a service in All Saints Church in the town.

all saints church

All Saints Church Marazion

marazion cemetary

Marazion Cemetary





Many of his paintings featured St Michaels Mount and Fred was buried with his beloved Marazion  and the Mount creating a fantastic final backdrop.

fred yates gravestone with mount beyond

Fred Yates grave with St Michaels Mount in the distance


Fred Yates gravestone


Fred Yates always said that he painted “for the man in the street”. Ironically, with ever increasing success over recent years, Fred’s paintings have largely become out of reach of that man. However his paintings have always been packed full of his love of life, his love of painting and his love of the people and places that he painted.

Fred Yates


1922 – 2008

This is not The End of the Fred Yates Story, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it
is the end of the beginning.





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