Fred’s Cottage

Fred Yates lived in a little house called Hazel Cottage on this street in
Marazion for several years….

fore street marazion

Fred Yates lived in a cottage on this street

One day Fred started painting a little scene around his letterbox and couldn’t stop………… eventually the scene filled the whole of the front door.

Fred's front door

The front door of Hazel Cottage Fred’s house

fred yates door

Fred Yates’s painted front door


The door was extremely colourful and became a talking point amongst locals
and tourists alike. Whatever happened to that beautiful front door?….




Today Hazel Cottage looks like this….

hazel cottage 2008

Hazel Cottage as it looks Today

…… and although very smart the door is no longer the work of art that it once was.

hazel cottage door

The door of Hazel Cottage Today

Buy a Fred Yates original painting



4 Responses to Fred’s Cottage

  1. Roger catherall says:

    Looks as if it has been painted over if so a great shame. Would have been worth a few bob

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