Fred Yates Gallery is always on the look out for interesting items of Fred Yates ephemera, photos, stories or unseen works. Do get in touch if you have something that you believe  will be of interest. The aim of Fred Yates Gallery is to increase the public’s knowledge of this wonderful and under-appreciated artist.

Contact enquiries@fredyatesgallery.co.uk

fred yates a dance

Fred Yates does Strictly Come Dancing!




4 Responses to Wanted

  1. Dave Pilkington says:

    Hi, I have a painting signed FRED YATES probably a fake but could someone give me some advice please..best regards

  2. Peter Shenton says:

    I have two yates paintings one of a Cornish house I believe was painted in tintagle and a large still life of flowers.
    Would really like some input and advice because one of them the paint is peeling off the board.

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