Meeting Fred

Marazion’s Gwelva is a viewing area directly overlooking the landing for the
boats that ferry the many visitors to and from St Michaels Mount when the
tide covers the causeway.

the gwelva landing

The Gwelva landing where boats ferry passengers to the mount

Fred used this position to paint several views of the beach, landing area
and surrounding cottages.

fred yates marazion watercolour

Fred Yates Marazion watercolour

This watercolour dates from the late
80’s / early 90’s.

And Today the scene still looks exactly the same as the day the watercolour was painted.

fred yates watercolour scene

How the watercolour scene looks Today

The photograph below shows Fred Yates surveying his canvas as the early
evening sun lights up the Gwelva landing. This photo was taken at Marazion
in early May 1990.

fred yates marazion 1989

Fred Yates painting at Marazion May 1990

Fred was contemplating the scene and working on this large watercolour.
Where is the painting and who is the proud owner Today?

fred yates watercolour

The watercolour Fred Yates was painting

Update: Fred Yates Gallery has recently purchased the work at auction.



8 Responses to Meeting Fred

  1. Bud says:

    I have a fred yates painting of Dawlish Warren that my dad purchased as Fred was painting it
    I talked to him as he was painting it 45 years ago when I was 7

    • Sarah Green (nee Probyn) says:

      Fred Yates was my art teacher at Teignmouth Secondary Modern School, he left the same year as I did in 1969. I remember him as being a larger than life character and he got rather fed up with pupils who did not share his passion and dedication for the subject. Luckily I did and went on to be an art teacher! I wish I had known where he was exhibiting I would have enjoyed catching up with him.

      • liz bainbridge now living in NE of England says:

        Fred Yates was also my art teacher at Teignmouth Secondary Modern, he left but I was in contact with his niece in Switzerland and later on I took my three children to meet him when he was living in Fowey. He was a special man, full of encouragement and although my art work did not improve , he was both sensitive and always had a twinkle in is eye!!! I am so lucky to have found this site.

      • Hi Liz, great to hear little anecdotes about Fred. I’m glad you enjoyed visiting the site. Do pop back for updates and additions which will be appearing over time. Lots of new pages, stories, photos and info to be added.

  2. janet pridgen says:

    have a painting dated ’38 and signature F Stanley Yates. watercolor of woman in tropical garden. she is beautiful. purchased in SanDiego in the late 70s. condition is excellent and framed, so feel sure it says ’38. what have i got here? I was looking up Frank Yates

  3. We once spent a lot of time with Fred resulting in many grand memories and amusing anecdotes because he spent a long and glorious summer painting in our garden, eating with us, chatting to our guests and mixing in with family and friends. We even have his worn out canvas artist’s chair somewhere in our loft space along with one of his palettes.

    We have seen many seasons come and go at Chymorvah, but that one spent with Fred has left us with a bumper collection of happy memories – we still miss him. Out of several summers, perhaps that’s the one I really wish we could do all over again.

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