Fred Yates Centenary

Monday 25th July 2022 marks the centenary for Fred Yates. This much loved and sought after artist was born on this day in 1922. Born in Urmston near Manchester he was a Northerner through and through. Yet he spent all of his adult years in the South and South West of England and ultimately in the latter part of his career, in various locations in France.

Fred Yates born 25th July 1922

There will be a Centenary Exhibition at Penlee House Gallery in Penzance beginning 12th Oct 22 and continuing to the 7th Jan 2023.

Fred Yates Centenary Exhibition
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Fred Yates Exhibition Invite Dec 1996

Fred Yates Exhibition

This exhibition invite dates from December 1996 and features some great examples of Fred Yates paintings from the time. All the works illustrated are very typical of the vibrant colourful paintings Yates was producing in Marazion Cornwall where he was living at this point in his life.

Fred Yates at Courcoux and Courcoux Dec 1996
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View from My Balcony La Motte

Fred Yates was very prolific in his last years at La Motte Chalancon. His house at the end of Grande Rue had a garden with a fantastic outlook to the mountains. It was a scene that Fred would paint on numerous occasions and in several different ways.

The rear of the house also had a balcony and “View From My Balcony La Motte” is a glorious depiction of the fantastic sight that Fred would have enjoyed. The painting is a 12″ x 12″ oil on linen featuring typical strong colours and thick impasto work. Fred was a master at handling large quantities of paint with freedom and control.

For further information on Fred Yates’ time in La Motte Chalancon visit the La Motte page from the menu or click here La Motte

Please do also see the FYG menu for pages on Fred Yates’ time in St Just, Marazion and Lostwithiel. There will be more about Fred’s time in France to follow and also Fowey where Fred spent many years when he first escaped teaching for his new life as an artist.



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Fred Yates in La Motte-Chalancon

Fred Yates spent the last (very productive) years of his life in the mountains at La Motte-Chalancon, a picturesque medieval village in the Drome department in southeastern France.

These were some of Yates’ most productive and expressive years and his work developed a  new strength and vibrancy.

Read about the time he spent following in the footsteps of some of the Art World’s greats by visiting the La Motte page in the main menu or clicking on the link below.

Fred Yates in La Motte-Chalancon


Fred Yates photo credit White Lane Press
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Fred Yates Portrait Sketches from 1997


FYG was recently contacted by Mozaffar Qizilbash who told us that he was lucky enough to meet Fred Yates painting at St Ives, Cornwall back in 1997. Fred was painting ‘En Plein Air’ overlooking the sweep of the bay above Porthminster beach.

The pair met again later that day and shared a lunch at the Porthminster Beach Café where they chatted about all things Art and Mozaffar undertook two portrait sketches of Fred in profile.

Images copyright Mozaffar Qizilbash

Mozaffar recalls:

“The memory I find most amusing looking back was that Fred hid his tubes of paint in the bushes to mark the spot where he had been painting so that when he went back to the spot he would be able to work out where he had been working and also retrieve the tubes. He was a remarkable man and I will be looking into his life and work to find out more about him”

Thank you Mozaffar for contacting FYG and sharing your story.

If you have a story to share regarding Fred Yates do get in touch.


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Happy New Year

Hi and a Happy New Year from FredYatesGallery to you all!

Do visit us regularly throughout the year for any news or updates regarding the magical and colourful world of Fred Yates. Do also  get in touch if you require more information or have an interesting story or anecdote to share. FredYatesGallery is particular keen to hear from you if you have a Fred Yates work that you believe may not have previously been shared.

fred yates working women's club oil on canvas

Fred Yates Working Women’s Club oil on canvas

There are always great Fred Yates paintings available so do check out the original Fred Yates paintings for sale.



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Original Fred Yates Paintings For Sale

Are you looking to buy your first original Fred Yates painting or maybe you would like to add to your Fred Yates collection. At FYG we pride ourselves in the research and study we carry out into the life and work of Fred Yates. You can read about some of the FYG research trips to areas where Fred Yates lived and his favourite painting locations by visiting the pages in the main menu.

At FYG we can advise you on Fred Yates paintings for sale and point you to some of the important factors to consider when weighing up a new painting to add to your collection. There are a number of paintings currently in circulation bearing the Fred Yates name which have not been painted by Fred Yates. These trappers are frequently now turning up in regional auction houses. The auction houses sadly do not have the relevant expertise to catalogue the items correctly.

fred yates a dance

Fred Yates The Dancing Couple

At FYG we have well over 25 years experience in the life and work of Fred Yates and handle his paintings on a daily basis.  FYG also has a vast archive of catalogues, photos, letters and a data base which is updated daily. This experience and resource means that we are perfectly placed to advise you on your collection.

For the best help and advice do get in touch via the contact page or
click here:


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Fred Yates Marazion Castle House original oil on canvas

Whilst based in Marazion Fred Yates lived at Hazel Cottage on Fore St. This archetypal little cottage was ideally placed just a stones throw from the glorious sea front and harbour with the spectacular St Michaels Mount completing the idyllic picture. The old harbour known as Top Tieb is used by the boats that ferry visitors to and from the Mount at high tide.

Fred Yates painted the sea front, St Michaels Mount and harbour from all angles at all different times. The painting below is a lovely colourful spontaneously painted view of the iconic Castle House which looks out to St Michaels Mount and the Top Tieb. Gifted to friends living in St Ives at the time this oil on canvas is a typical work from the period and is full of the colour and texture that have so captivated collectors of Fred Yates work.


Buy this work from our gallery partner Orangehat Contemporary

Check out other original works by Fred Yates for sale at Orangehat Contemporary


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Fred Yates Exhibition Galerie Eric Franck Jun – Sep 1984

In 1984 Fred Yates was invited to exhibit at the Galerie Eric Franck in Geneva Switzerland. The exhibition ran from Jun 28th – September 17th. It was an important moment for Yates to be offered this international one man show. The show proved to be a great success with the French photographer Henry Cartier-Bresson famously buying a work.

This original poster was used to advertise the Galerie Franck exhibition and recently appeared at auction with Barnes Thomas County Auctioneers of Penzance.

erick franck galerie poster

Poster for the Fred Yates exhibition at Galerie Eric Franck Geneva


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Fred Yates Castle Oil Painting featured on BBC’s Antiques Roadshow from Cardiff

Fred Yates has once again featured on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow. The program which was filmed at Cardiff Castle featured a large oil painting depicting the castle itself. In 1970 Fred Yates embarked on a tour of Wales with the aim of painting its Castle and Churches. The featured painting was completed as part of this series of works and was valued by Lawrence Hendra of Philip Mould and Co at £3000 – £5000.

fred yates on antiques roadshow cardiff

Fred Yates Cardiff Castle painting on Antiques Roadshow

To learn more about Fred Yates’s time in Wales and to see the Welsh Echo article featuring the Cardiff Castle painting do have a read of the FredYatesGallery page Fred In Wales. Also check out the program on BBC Iplayer Series 40 Episode 19 at 25 mins.

fred yates cardiff castle oil painting

Fred Yates Cardiff Castle oil on board 1970

If you are looking to buy a Fred Yates original painting for your collection do check out Orangehat at who have a great selection of oils and watercolours available.


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