Fred Yates Paintings For Sale

If you are seeking to buy a Fred Yates original work and are looking for advice do get in touch. Original Fred Yates paintings for sale at Orangehat Contemporary include all the works in the slideshow below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


For further information on any of the above original works do visit Orangehat Contemporary 

There are always great Fred Yates paintings for sale that are not shown. For more information on available Fred Yates original works or advice on buying a Fred Yates original painting please contact FYG using the form below:

or go straight to Fred Yates paintings for sale by clicking on the link below.

Buy Fred Yates original paintings



7 Responses to Fred Yates Paintings For Sale

  1. arthur blundell says:

    Thanks – lovely story and especially the video of Fred at work in his last years.
    I Only have one of his small oils and would love to add another one or two as
    and when I can. Quite a testament to him that his work seems so popular and

  2. Hi… Don’t know if you can help. I have a Fred Yates oil on board of my cafe/b&b calked Seabreeze. He used to stay here and painted it while he was here..! I would like to have a valuation for insurance purposes and wandered if you could advise..?

  3. donna chipps says:

    Is Cottages on Creek still available?
    What size?
    What price?

  4. Kerry sleep says:

    Hello, I wonder if you can help me. We have found a picture in my parents garage that my father inherited from my great uncle. It’s signed as yates 69 and looks like the picture you have on this website called cottages on the creek. My cousin used to study art looked in this picture and apparently calked cottages at point creek. It’s some what discoloured due to not being looked after properly.

  5. Kerry sleep says:

    Hi, I have a fred yates picture “cottages on point creek”. Just wondering if you could tell me how much it might be worth?

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