Original Fred Yates Paintings For Sale

Are you looking to buy your first original Fred Yates painting or maybe you would like to add to your Fred Yates collection. At FYG we pride ourselves in the research and study we carry out into the life and work of Fred Yates. You can read about some of the FYG research trips to areas where Fred Yates lived and his favourite painting locations by visiting the pages in the main menu.

At FYG we can advise you on Fred Yates paintings for sale and point you to some of the important factors to consider when weighing up a new painting to add to your collection. There are a number of paintings currently in circulation bearing the Fred Yates name which have not been painted by Fred Yates. These trappers are frequently now turning up in regional auction houses. The auction houses sadly do not have the relevant expertise to catalogue the items correctly.

fred yates a dance

Fred Yates The Dancing Couple

At FYG we have well over 25 years experience in the life and work of Fred Yates and handle his paintings on a daily basis.  FYG also has a vast archive of catalogues, photos, letters and a data base which is updated daily. This experience and resource means that we are perfectly placed to advise you on your collection.

For the best help and advice do get in touch via the contact page or
click here: enquiries@fredyatesgallery.co.uk


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